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Silicon α-detector

Silicon semiconductor detector is designed for registering alpha-particles with standard energy of 3.5 MeV arising in d+t→α+n reaction. The standard alpha-detector for ИНГ-27 is 9-pixel silicon alpha-detector. For ИНГ-27М modification alpha-detector for 64 channels is used.

9-pixel alpha-detector installed in neutron generator housing includes: planar silicon detector (crystal); silicon PCB-holder; and stainless steel housing.

Planar silicon detector consists of 9 elements (pixels) forming matrix of (3 × 3) with sensitive area dimensions of (30 × 30) mm2. One element dimensions are (10 × 10 × 0.3) mm3.

Silicon α-detector

α-detector housing is made of stainless steel and designed for mechanical protection and fastening the silicon detector location relative to target and location of electrical leads from each alpha-detector element. Ceramic PCB-holder is designed not only for mechanical protection and fastening the silicon detector but also for providing electrical leads with 9 alpha-detector elements.

Electronic detection block consists of 9 independent signal amplifiers with 9 pixels alpha-detector. Electronic detection block is mounted inside metal housing – electromagnetic screen. Electronic block is mounted on neutron generator flange and connected to alpha-detector contacts vie input connector.

Alpha-detector for 64 channels is 8 × 8 matrix with pixel size of 4 × 4 mm2. Signals from 64 channels detector are led onto neutron generator house flange. Amplifier block is connected to leads onto neutron generator flange and fixed on neutron generator house by means of a ring.