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Inspection System for Large-Size Cargo

    Remote detection of explosives in large-size cargo and vehicles.
  • Tagged fast neutrons technology is used.
  • Elemental composition of a hidden object is determined.
  • 3D location of a hidden object is determined.
  • High penetration power of fast neutrons.
  • Identification is automatic, without an operator.
  • Inspection of the cargo from three sides by means of a movable inspection module.
  • Designed as a stationary portal with a movable inspection module.
  • Simultaneous inspection in 64 tagged neutron beams.
  • High intensity neutron generator.
  • Remote control of inspection module positioning.
Inspection System for Large-Size Cargo
  • Inspection module is installed on special 4000 × 3000 mm portal, which allows its movement around the cargo being inspected. Inspection module comprises a high intensity neutron generator with neutron flux up to 3 × 108 s-1. The generator irradiates the cargo being inspected with 64 tagged neutron beams. Characteristic gamma-rays are registered with 24 gamma-detectors. Complete weight of inspection module is 980kg.
  • Overall dimensions of inspection module: 1410 × 800 × 1140 mm3.
  • Weight: 980 kg.
  • Operator’s position: personal computer connected to inspection block with wire line.
  • Dimensions of simultaneous inspection area: 1,2 × 1,2 m at distance of 2 m from the neutron generator
  • Power supply: AC 220V 50 Hz.
  • Gamma-detectors are based on: BGO, crystal size 76 × 76 mm.
  • Number of gamma-detectors: 24
  • The characteristic gamma-rays are registered with 24 gamma-detectors.
  • Operating conditions: ambient temperature from +10 to +35 oC and relative humidity max 85%.
  • Maximal neutron flux: 3×108 n/s.
  • Neutron energy: 14.1 MeV.
  • Operation mode: continuous
  • Peak power consumption: 70 Watt
  • Number of tagged neutron beams: 64 as a 8×8 matrix